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University of Toronto - Friday January 17, 2014

ESEC is a one-day conference celebrating the breadth of challenges being solved in each of the 8 Engineering Science Disciplines.


On behalf of the Division of Engineering Science, and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto, I would like to welcome you to the 9th annual Engineering Science Education Conference.

The conference will provide a snapshot of the research and professional activity at the forefront of the eight disciplines representing the EngSci Majors, delivered by a remarkably accomplished group of speakers. This is a unique opportunity for interaction between the thought leaders of today and those of the future, and I hope that you will both enjoy and make the most of it.

Professor Mark Kortschot, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Chair, Division of Engineering Science


On behalf of the executive team, we would like to welcome you to attend the 2014 Engineering Science Education Conference. This year, we have invited nine elite researchers and professionals from academia and industry representing the eight options within Engineering Science. Out of the nine invited speakers, four were graduates of the Engineering Science program and three have presented at Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED). They are highly regarded in their respective field and are passionate about presenting their knowledge and experience in their field of expertise.

The Engineering Science Education Conference is a platform for you to explore your fields of interest within Engineering Science and to communicate with accomplished professionals from both academia and industry. Let the conference help you identify the type of engineer, scientist, or professional you aspire to become and may it be the stepping stone for your future career success.

Tom Wu


Sharon Ravindran

Director of Public Relations

Wendy Xiang

Director of Logistics