We invite world leaders from each of our majors who have unique and fascinating stories to tell and who show EngSci students how success comes in many forms.

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This year's conference will be held on Friday, January 25, 2019 with Thursday, January 24, 2019 dedicated to our keynote speaker.

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We allow EngSci students to discover more about the EngSci majors, learn what engineering is like outside of lecture and inside a research lab or industry setting, and network with speakers.

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About ESEC

The Engineering Science Education Conference (ESEC) is an annual one-day conference for Engineering Science students at the University of Toronto. The objective of ESEC is to broaden EngSci students’ horizons in their fields of specialization. Since 2006, we have been inviting world leaders in each of our various majors to present lectures to our EngSci students, which explore research, education and career opportunities for young engineers.


If it weren’t for ESEC

If it weren’t for ESEC 2016, I definitely would not have gotten to where I am now. Following a day of fascinating presentations, the reception gave students an opportunity to engage with speakers who are renowned in their respective fields. Even though I had little knowledge of accelerator and particle physics in my second year […]

Inspiration to Seek Mentorship

I really enjoyed attending ESEC in first year. At that time, I had little vision or understanding of what was available for me post graduation or what my options really were. I was confused and honestly a bit lost. I recall walking through the sessions I registered for and being so inspired hearing about the […]

The Importance of Basketball

The talk two years ago for the MSF option was very enjoyable. Rather than speaking generally about a field and the developments within it (which are generally known to an interested audience), the speaker spoke specifically about their career and the technology they were developing. This gave me the perspective of a life in that […]

The Best Part about ESEC

The best part about ESEC is seeing how leaders of industry and academia carved their own path. Naomi Ginsberg was my favourite speaker at ESEC 2018 . Her journey from EngSci to grad school to teaching chemistry and doing research with improving image capture in microscope at UC Berkeley taught me to appreciate unexpected opportunities. […]